RV-132nd Dry - No Power/Water 2022

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Purchase of this product DOES NOT INCLUDE CAMPGROUND ADMISSION. You MUST PURCHASE SEPARATELY at least one Rally, Extended Rally, Early Bird, or Daily admission pass that corresponds with the date of your product for each person that will be using it. Please add one to your cart.

See Area Map

  • Located along 132nd Avenue, across the road from the East Box Office
  • No power or water hookups.  You can use a generator if you have one, and you can buy fills of your water tanks from a service on the grounds. They would be delivered to your site.
  • Sites are 25’ wide x 50’ long.
  • No assigned sites – first come, first served.
    To camp next to your buddy, you must arrive together.

Fill Service:
A company will be on site to fill your water tank. There are charges for those services. Arrangements must be made with that company. The Box Office cannot make appointments for pumping service.

If you are pulling a trailer behind your RV, please don’t forget that you will need to buy a trailer pass.

Campground Admission:
Purchase of an RV space DOES NOT INCLUDE CAMPGROUND ADMISSION. Each person renting or accessing site MUST PURCHASE SEPARATELY at least one Rally Pass, Extended Rally Pass, Early Bird Pass, or some sequential combination of daily admission passes. Early arrival and late departure must be paid for at the daily rate for each day, just as at any other campground, motel or hotel.

Get Campground Admission Passes Here!

A Reminder About Pets:
Remember to make kennel arrangements for your pets, as pets are NOT allowed at the Chip. For information about Service Animals and a list of local kennels is provided in the Buffalo Chip FAQs.

Credit Card Payments:
If paying by credit card, the card holder MUST be present at check-in.  If you wish to make a purchase for someone else to use, you should pay by money order.  Call 605-347-9000 to make arrangements for a reservation by money order.

All sales are final, non-refundable for any reason and must be used during the current Rally.

Helpful Info For RV Campers

Dump Stations & Portable Dump Service
The first dump stations are located at the entrance as you approach the West Gate (main entrance), so please dump prior to entering the camp. Check out the campground map to see additional dump stations locations. You may also reserve your RV pumps and fills ahead of time through Waste Connections, and they’ll handle the dirty work while you’re off experiencing the Best Party Anywhere! 

RV Check-In Instructions & Trailer Parking Guidelines

  • To avoid accidents and serious injuries to partiers, 4 wheeled traffic is forbidden within the campground after 7:30.  Please, therefore, plan to arrive at the Buffalo Chip to get checked in and parked prior to the 7:30 p.m. 4-wheeled traffic cutoff.
  • Note: Late arrivals will have admission into the campground but the RV will be staged in a holding area for the night and parked the following day.
  • RV’s are admitted into the campground from the West Gate located off of Ft. Meade Way.
  • Stop at the West Box Office to get necessary credentials.
  • Trailers that exceed 20 feet or won't fit within your reserved RV site must be dropped in the designated trailer area (unless you have reserved a space in Crazy Horse). Staff will then direct you to the appropriate RV area where a parking attendant will assist you with parking.

RV Parking
The roadways MUST remain clear in order for emergency crews, service vehicles, and RV units to move freely and have full access for their respective duties/destinations. For this reason, no RV unit, trailer, motorcycle, and/or 4-wheeled vehicle will be allowed to extend into the roadway or run over the boundaries of the designated RV camping site. There will also be NO PARKING ALLOWED of any additional 4-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles, and/or trailers within the roadways.