RV Pump Service-TWO Pre-Paid Pump Outs 2022

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Purchase of an RV space DOES NOT INCLUDE CAMPGROUND ADMISSION. Each person renting or accessing site MUST PURCHASE SEPARATELY at least one admission pass or some sequential combination of daily admission passes. Early arrival and late departure must be paid for at the daily rate for each day, just as at any other campground, motel or hotel. Please add one to your cart.

This is for two pumps of your RV's waste water tank. You will schedule your pumps with Kieffer Sanitation at their office on the campground upon your arrival. We recommend that you schedule your pump a couple days before you think you'll really need it.

You do not need to be present at your RV when the truck comes to pump your tanks unless you have a locking tank.

Non-refundable.  Must be used during the 2022 Rally.