Private Portalet - for Cabin or EZ Camp

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Purchase of this product DOES NOT INCLUDE CAMPGROUND ADMISSION. You MUST PURCHASE SEPARATELY at least one Rally, Extended Rally, Early Bird, or Daily admission pass that corresponds with the date of your product for each person that will be using it. Please add one to your cart.

Have your own private portalet!  There might be a lot of reasons why someone would want their own private bathroom while staying at the Legendary Buffalo Chip.  Your desire to have privacy may be the big one.  Have your own clean, convenient and private portalet.

A sanitation company will professionally set it up and have it waiting at your campsite upon arrival, will pump it daily, and will clean and sanitize it every day for no additional charge. 

“Private” means it will be lockable and that only you and the professional sanitation honey truck operator will have a key.  You'll be able to keep others from messing it up. Your portalet will be placed in a strategically chosen area where the pump truck can access it.  (We'll need to know approximately how much room you'll need for your campsite since WE will be choosing the site.) 

You need to call us at 605-347-9000 after you've placed your order and tell us how much room you need for your campsite.  You will either need to bring your own padlock with an extra key for the pump company, or provide a security deposit of $30.00 for one of our padlocks.