Stage West Dinner Special 2022

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Purchase of this product DOES NOT INCLUDE CAMPGROUND ADMISSION. You MUST PURCHASE SEPARATELY at least one Rally, Extended Rally, Early Bird, or Daily admission pass that corresponds with the date of your product for each person that will be using it. Please add one to your cart.

Buy your Dinner Special before July 26th and get it for $11.50! (Tax will be added.)  Once you arrive you'll go to the Stage West Cafe (located next to our main stage) between 6:30pm and 11:00pm on any day from Aug 5-Aug 13th, 2022 and pick up the Dinner Special.  The entrees will vary from night to night.  Take a look at the choices that will be offered (one per night):

Breaded Chicken; Chicken Breast; Ham; Roast Beef; Roast Pork

The meal will be served with potato, vegetable and a dinner roll.  (Beverages not included.)


All purchases are non-refundable and must be used during the 2021 Rally.